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We respect wood, treasure our experience, and transform ongoing research into unique products. Our vision is fueled by a craftsmanship approach to achieve the highest level of customization.

In 1979, a family-owned artisanal carpentry workshop was born, where we have always worked with wood, breathing in its history and shaping its destiny. From these roots, a business founded on essential values has flourished.

Each product is the result of three elements: material quality, technical research, and individual and team expertise. Materials above the quality standards.

The companies we collaborate with have obtained the most authoritative voluntary health safety certifications. A concrete example? The protective paints Remmers® ensure the best air quality and the complete absence of hazardous substances upon contact, thanks to the Der Blaue Engel certification: created by the German Ministry of Environment, it is the first and oldest environmental certificate granted worldwide. Some products are also certified according to the DIN EN 71-3 standard, which indicates the absolute non-toxicity of materials even in toys.

High level of security, to which additional anti-burglary elements can be added and evaluated individually with a specialist. A possibility that further stimulates the creative process of design.

Long-lasting durability, supported by our warranty packages. The product maintenance is also facilitated by the delivery of its manual, with very easy-to-follow instructions for independent use.